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Spicy GFE

Add $100 for bookings in Vancouver and on tour.

Jalapeño: Soaking in Spicy GFE

90 mins · C$700

Soak with me in the Chili Heat. You're the type that likes a bit of buildup and a little mess.

All the frills and pageantry with some time for a relaxing wind-down massage.

Devil's Tongue: Kiss from Hell

2 hours · C$900

Ouchy, that's Spicy! Just the way you like it. You're an ideas guy; a real big thinker. You know all brilliant schemes require time to orchestrate. 

Let’s have a snack, fuck our brains out, and catch our breath with a slow, sensual massage and cuddle to wind-down.

Carolina Reaper: The hot seat

3 hours · C$1250

The climate is heating up so we’re gonna fuck like the world’s ending. This is a date for the daredevil with a taste for adrenaline.

Let’s get amped on coffee or relaxed over a cocktail/ mocktail before I bring you home to play out our fantasies. 

Date To Hell and Back

5 hours · C$1950

I'm Going to Hell and Taking You with Me. The memories of our time will be burned into your brain.

My favourite date for newcomers! I love to meet for a warm up, try out some new food and drinks to re-energize before entering the heat of your place or mine.

Dragon's Breath: Sleepover

14 hours · C$3400

🔥️ My hottest date on offer! 🔥️

An overnight stay in Hell, with a room in the Chilli Pepper. You’re a devoted pervert who’s ready for a whole night all to ourselves.

Served with many glasses of refreshing H2O and cuddles. (Has to include dinner/drinks, play, cuddles, and lots of time to get to know each other, just enough deep sleep and breakfast + caffeine).

Weekend Pepper X(XX)

48 hours · C$8400

A weekend hosted with the devil; confess your sins.

Add more time at $350/h. Additional fees may apply depending on session requests.

Let’s Make it Kinky

Below are my areas of interest / experience that we can add in to our play. We’ll discuss the details in our intake. Ask if there’s something not noted that you’re curious about.

Let’s Make it Sensual

I am skilled in the erotic arts and I would love to show off to you. Sensual activities can always be included in our date design.